About the organization


Effective method for solving the basic problems in our field includes promoting and explaining the need to follow civic duties, rules of coexistence, have respect for the rights and lawful interests of other persons among the citizens of the Russian Federation. 

We will provide: 

  • carrying out a systematic monitoring of the Russian Federation legislation system and the application of laws in order to identify weaknesses, gaps and contradictions in the legislation; 
  • availability of legal information for the general public as a result of the legal education and public awareness system development; 
  • creation and development of legal information resources, and ensuring the effective functioning of information and reference systems that are already available today; 
  • access to legal services for all social categories and strata, including lawyers and notaries services; 
  • participation of known human rights lawyers, notaries in the provision of legal assistance to citizens of the Russian Federation and in legal education of citizens, assistance to the citizens in implementation of their rights and freedoms; 
  • lobbying for inclusion of tasks that introduce children to basic common rules of the relationship regulations into the exemplary basic educational programme for pre-school education, as well as the exemplary basic educational programme for primary education; 
  • widespread development of basic laws learning practice in the educational institutions of various types and categories, development of training courses that would include legal issues; 
  • distribution of supplementary legal education for senior and elderly; 
  • production and distribution of various kinds of creative projects that would make various information materials available for non-professional use and provide basic legal knowledge and form the legal culture and legal consciousness of citizens; 
  • regular replenishment of various library collections with popular legal literature through dedicated project funding.

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